Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tree Octopi

True Story (well Kinda) (not really). Know many of u have already seen this so am trying to build upon it a twig.When i first laid eyes on the tree octopi I thought it was real.Was even planning a trip to get some awesome blog pictures-but alas- found out it was a big hoax.Although i still think maybe it could happen, stranger things have.Don't believe me just look at any tabloid newspaper.
Kingdom: AnimaliaLocation found: Washington State You will find the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus high in the trees of Washington State's Olympic National Forest. They spend their early lives in the water of Puget Sound, but as they mature they move upwards, adopting an arboreal existence. They use their eight arms to swing from branch to branch, as well as to grab small prey such as insects and frogs. During their mating season they return to the water, but soon after resume their life in the forest.The tree octopus population is under great pressure from the encroachments of the modern world: logging, roads, pollution, and overhunting by trappers eager to sell the octopuses as ornamental decorations for hats. As a result, the species is close to extinction. The Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus organization has long been attempting to raise awareness of this animal and its plight. They urge concerned citizens to write to their congressional representative about this problem


Anonymous said...

I really think this "tree octapus is fake, they even put up an obviously a fake picture on this one website.