Friday, November 24, 2006

Martians Not "Charmed" By Ms Milano

In a bizarre encounter of the cable kind, Mars TV transmited a message to Earth in which Martians claim they love American television, but there is one show they hate."We hate charmed, even though Alyssa Milano is hot, she's only a two breasted woman,in Mars our women have three breasts," said Mars TV executive Tartiklonz.A CNN reporter from our planet asked the President of the extraterrestrial network about his thoughts, he replied saying, "That show is really lousy, how come it is still on the air? We don't know. It's a real puzzle, but well, at least there's Grey's anatomy to save the day for us."After hearing this, Milano herself responded in a not-so-charming attitude towards the green little fellas from outer space. "Listen to me, I bet my show is way better than any crap you produce over there okay? You must have a really sucky bunch of shows as you spend your time watching ours!"Later we were told that because of Alyssa's bitter comments, the Martians decided to cancel their cable subscription until charm is removed.