Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Charges Are Being Waved For Crossing Guard

School Crossing Guard Faces Charges for not Waving at Every Vehicle
Lockhart, Florida Retired airman, Kraus Walker, faces serious charges for not waving to one of the people passing by last week. In Florida it is a state law that All school crossing guards Must wave to every vehicle at the intersection within a 50 yard radius. Walker claimed that the SUV had dark tinted windows and loud music playing. “I had been waving since 7:30 am and my arm was getting tired,” said Kraus. He also added, “I didn’t think they were even looking my way so I figured ‘What the Heck.’ Although it is not mandatory for all vehicle drivers to respond to wave, it is still up to their discretion reply, But they have an Equal Opportunity to get their wave even if they really didn’t want it. The SUV driver, who wants to remain anonymous until settlement, said” I wouldn’t have been so mad but I was the one who initiated the wave! The crossing guard just ignored me and I want restitution.” Mr. Walker’s attorney is trying to find the validity of the SUV’s window tinting. Jury selection begins next week for this high profile case.