Monday, November 20, 2006

A 13 Year Old Angry At Immaturity Of Others

Miss Susan Grumble, from somewhere in the middle of the U.S. ,is an 8th grade student at some Middle School wherever she lives.Susan states that she is" fed up having to go to school with friends who still carry "Hello Kitty" accesories, have fuzzy pink cell- phones,use pencils instead of pens,write cutesy little notes with crayons, and oh my gosh (her eyeballs are rolling here) ,have to have parents permission to skip school for the day."
Parents are even worse because after school you can dump the friends, but you can't do that with mom and pops.They always wanna spend quality time and I would rather be wrapped in tin foil and microwaved. When my friends do come over my dad always has a lampshade on his head, and no he doesn't drink- he just likes to wear lampshades on his head.
Mom's first words are would your little friends like a sandwich? I just cut some up with a new "Hello Kitty" cookie cutter I just bought. After this, Susan's eyes have permanently rolled back into her head. Guess that is one way to get out of going to school.
(posted and written by webmaster Pam).