Friday, November 24, 2006

Ken Gives Barbie An Ultimatum

I am so tired of your early morning phone calls asking me to please take you back.First of all Barb, you need to stop these psycho calls and start dressing like an almost 50 year old woman.The show your assets clothing is for young gals to wear ,not an aging old washed out has been .I am embarrased to be seen with you anywhere, including my back yard.Sure I admit I went through a stage where i wore pink mesh tank tops, earrings, and adorable black fishnets, but Barb I grew up and you need to also.You also need to get a steady job. Dang girl you have had more jobs than the whole state of N.Y. put together.I don't like your dumb friends either,never did especially that Midge . What kind of a name is Midge anyways?Barb you need to start paying your own way through life and sell some of that pink crap you own like your van.Do that and MAYBE you will get some love. If not you are stuck with the Donny Osmond plastic geek guy.It is your choice Barb. all yours.


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