Sunday, March 25, 2007

Even Nice People Have To Rant and Rave Once In Awhile

Appears there isn't much activity here but will mainly use this as my rant and rave journal LOL~~ Seems like a good idea anyway~I spend most my time browsing and surfing the web for all the interesting or unusual things. Many things I post I know I should research more but that kinda defeats the fun purpose that I so enjoy!!I don't mind being corrected as that proves someone was paying attention and makes a person more learned.<<>

I have a rant today a personal one albeit a rant~~The person in question is one I am certain will never read this journal for several reasons. One being she doesn't know about it or at least I am pretty sure of it. Even if she did read it all she can do is call me names behind her computer screen and somehow that just doesn't intimidate me ~~I just don't understand the human nature of some people~~Guess I am too compassionate or a dreamer~~*sigh*

A personal message keepin for posterity so pay it no mind TY

~Sun >>>> Dude!hides from the reinvite thing i'm still dumping hundreds of pieces of junkmail in your name every day. ugh. pft