Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

We are having a very special guest at our feast tomorrow. We searched the city for the hungriest and most down and out beast we could find. Our gatherings are usually quite boring and the conversation gets dreary after the first 5 minutes. Not so after we found Brutus the grizzly bear. He has an amazing repertoire of stories, jokes, and anecdotes, which keeps us all in stitches. Actually 235 stitches all totalled. Yeah he gets a bit grumpy if dinner isn't on the table when he arrives but we have learned to always have finger sandwiches out for him.The thing is though next year we will have to invite more people because we are running out of fingers. We also have to be careful where we let Brutus nap after all the turkey eating because once he falls asleep he will be there for months- Once he fell asleep in Uncle Jim's lap and all winter long we couldn't find Jim. You probably saw his picture on all those missing person ads we hung up. Months later when Jim was discovered, he looked like a blue flannel flapjack with a not so smiley face.You know, that's one expression that still haunts us in our dreams.As for Brutus, we have a fold-out futon with his name on it in our storage shed. Uncle Jim RSVP ed and said he was going to a shelter for his dinner this year. It's a good thing though, Brutus said he wasn't a very good bed mate. Happy Thanksgiving from Baby Blu and family-