Friday, November 24, 2006

Abducted Moose

Metal Moose Disappears !!Rawdon - A large metal moose weather vane disappeared in the middle of the night, leaving villagers in this sleepy town baffled and saddened. Harvey the Moose, as he was lovingly known, was atop the courthouse, and was a proud emblem, until he was removed and carted away by unknown thieves. Several of the villagers expressed anger that such a large metal object could be stolen under the noses of the local police force.
" I think the cops were asleep...after all, it was on the roof of the courthouse where they have their headquarters...they are stupid..." says Milly Lawrence, resident of the little town of Rawdon. Other people claim that UFO's took the moose, reminding us that the metal moose weighed 500 pounds, and it would not have been an easy task to remove it without being noisy.
"I think that a green goblin took Harvey...I read about the green goblin in a book, and I think he did it..." said Merv Chatlin, resident of the village rest home. One witness claimed he saw 2 men dressed as hunters taking down the weather vane. " They musta shot it and then realized it wasn't real...after all, what would a real moose be doing on a roof ?" reported Kenny Baxter, resident.
Police have setup roadblocks around the small town, and hope that a car-to-car search will recover the town emblem. If you have information leading to the recovery of the moose, please contact your local police station.