Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sniffing Out Crime

Dogs have nothing over Bartholomew County, Indiana Sheriff's Deputy Jimmy Green. Green was investigating the robbery of a local pizza delivery person when he decided to follow his nose - right to the criminals.The robbery occurred when a man placed a pizza delivery order and then robbed the delivery person when she arrived at the bogus address given with the order. Police combed the area seeking eye witnesses to the crime. They went door to door asking neighbors if they had seen or heard anything. Nobody had but a keen sense of smell provided a clue.Deputy Green went up to one neighbor's house and noticed the scent of pepperoni and sausage pizza. Upon further inspection he saw yellow pages open to the pizza delivery section. Officers followed Green's nose and found a couple pies as well as the cash stolen in the robbery!The moral of this true crime saga is, if you want to rob a pizza delivery person, don't arrange for a delivery in your own neighborhood. But, if you do, at least have the intelligence to go out for Chinese afterwards.
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