Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lawyers Don't Allow Riverdancers To Move Their Arms

Then "Topper" was asked to collaborate with Michael Flatley on Riverdance. " Mike and I had been working on it for months. He had done a good job on the feet movements but my upper body work was bleeding inspired if I say so myself. Rehearsals were going well and generally we ended each evening in the pub over a few jars."
Then a falling out occurred. " Mike wasn't born in Ireland and Yanks can't hold their liquor quite as well as they flaming thinks they can. So one night after a few, he says to me that his leg work was really making the show. 'Oh do you think so', says I. He proceeded to tell me that the audiences would never even notice my arm work.
Never one to take an insult lying down I said 'Why you jumped up little Yank turd, you couldn't choreograph your way out of a paper bag.' Well that did it, the fat was in the fire."
Flatley and "Topper" refused to continue working together and their lawyers took over. " The result was my solicitors put an injunction against them using my upper body choreography. "
The lawsuit has just been settled and "Topper" has finally spoken out. "I couldn't say anything before with the lawsuit pending and who would have thought the daft little tapdancer would have gone ahead with only half the choreography. But now the courts have decided if he wants to use my movements he'll have to apologize for a start."
Topper says he's not bitter but. " Well you've seen Riverdance. Isn't it the most god awful thing you've seen in your life. I can't bear it myself. Don't you just want to give them all a good shake and shout 'MOVE YOUR BLEEDING ARMS'."