Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dangerous Animals

Animals rarely are as threatening to the survivor as the rest of the environment. Common sense tells the survivor to avoid encounters with lions, bears, and other large or dangerous animals.(I have plenty of that then). You should also avoid large grazing animals with horns, hooves, and great weight.(Heck yeah) Your actions may prevent unexpected meetings.(Yeah hate it when friends just drop in unexpected). Move carefully through their environment( I will be wearing my Chuck's). Do not attract large predators by leaving food lying around your camp.(They way my cooking smells it will drive them away) Carefully survey the scene before entering water or forests. (Are u telling me I should steal some surveying stuff? See I don't have that kind of equipment just lying around).
Smaller animals actually present more of a threat to the survivor than large animals.(That is true my mini schauz thinks he is a Rottweiler). To compensate for their size, nature has given many small animals weapons such as fangs and stingers to defend themselves.(Kinda like the light sabers in Star Wars). Each year, a few people are bitten by sharks, mauled by alligators, and attacked by bears(.I don't plan on being one of the few). Most of these incidents were in some way the victim's fault. (What did the victim do to em?)However, each year more victims die from bites by relatively small venomous snakes than by large dangerous animals.(Always knew snakes were sneaky, and quiet too cuz they don't have legs) Even more victims die from allergic reactions to bee stings.(Bees are sneaky). For this reason, we will pay more attention to smaller and potentially more dangerous creatures.( I pay attention to all meat eaters because as far as I know I am made outa meat.)These are the animals you are more likely to meet as you unwittingly move into their habitat, or they slip into your environment unnoticed.( See those sneaky critters.)
Keeping a level head and an awareness of your surroundings will keep you alive if you use a few simple safety procedures.( Yes stay at home and be a computer nerd like moi).Do not let curiosity and carelessness kill or injure you. (I don't think that is what is worrying me, my computer could be hit by lightning).