Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where Are Your Little Ones?

Apron Strings, Inc. has marketed a new cell phone that lets you keep track of your kids wherever they go.
The innovative new phone comes with a giant spool of string with one end connected to the phone. Parents simply keep the other end of the string, and they can follow it back to where their kids are anytime they want.
“I think it’s just fabulous,” one mom gushed. “When I need little Joshua to come in to dinner I just tug on the string to get his attention. And, if he doesn’t respond fast enough, I just pull really hard on the string and drag him home,” she giggled. “I think it’s the greatest invention since reality TV.”
A spokesperson for Apron Strings said they also manufacture a Deluxe model that uses monofilament instead of string so that the kids don’t know they’re being tracked, and a Super Deluxe model that includes sections of bungee cord to pull the kids back when they stray too far.
Extra spools of string, monofilament or bungee cord may be added to the phone for a small monthly charge.