Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How To Tell When It's Daylight Saving Time

The daylight wakes you up and you jump out of bed thinking you have overslept!
You stagger to the bathroom and fall over the dog that is still sound asleep.
The timer on the coffee pot isn't set right, and there is no coffee.
You try to fix the clock on the microwave and set the timer instead – you wonder why a microwave needs a clock anyhow?
You decide this is really all a secret plot by "morning people" to get "night people" out of bed earlier.
The clock in your car has the right time for the first time since last October.
You arrive for church an hour late - just as everyone else is leaving.
You feel exhausted (and will for weeks) even though you missed only one hour’s sleep.
Your computer clock sets itself ahead, but you forget and set it ahead again.
At the office on Monday all the clocks say 7 a.m., so you put your head on your desk and wake up later to find that the clocks were all wrong.
Half the office arrives an hour late, saying they forgot to change the clock. You secretly wonder why they did not arrive an hour early in October.
You take a two hour lunch break and say you forgot to change your wristwatch. ("getting even time.")
You have an extra hour of light in the evening – just enough time to mow the lawn.
The timer is wrong on the VCR so you miss the last hour of the movie you were recording – but you don’t notice it until after you’ve watched the first half.
You decide to reset the time on "singing bird clock" It starts singing and won’t shut up until you remove the batteries.
It’s dinner time according to the clock, but you are not hungry – yet.
You go to bed at your regular time, but you’re not sleepy yet, so you stay up an extra hour.
You wonder where all the energy is that we are conserving because you sure could use some of it.
You consider moving to Arizona where they don’t participate in this nonsense.