Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Video Journalist Killed In Oaxaca

US video journalist killed in Oaxaca by paramilitaries UPDATE, 10-30-06: "Federal police backed by armored vehicles and water cannons tore down barricades and stormed embattled Oaxaca on Sunday, seizing control of the city center from protesters who had held it for five months. A 15-year-old boy manning one barricade was killed by a tear gas canister...Some demonstrators used syringes to pierce their arms and legs, then paint signs in their own blood decrying the police." Link (thanks Richie).
BoingBoing reader Jenny Smith says,
My dear friend Brad Will was killed in Oaxaca yesterday. Brad was a journalist, and he was an activist. He was always, always giving everything he had to work for justice and make the world a better place. We are all so much poorer now that he is gone. I can only hope that his death can serve to bring some attention to what is happening in Oaxaca. I am sure that Brad would have wanted that. Here is the last post Will filed from Oaxaca, at indymedia: "death in oaxaca: another murder in the months long struggle in oaxaca." More posts there related to his death: Link.
Snip from Houston Chronicle account of Will's death: