Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Strange Jobs With Titles

Acrobatic Rigger – sets up equipment for acrobatic troupesAir Hole Driller – operates machine which makes holes in smoking pipesBabbitter – adds alloy to metal workpiecesBack Washer – operates machine for washing sliver (a continuous textile strand)Bed Rubber – operates machine which smoothes stone blocksBit Shaver – smoothes mouthpieces of smoking pipesBobbin Loose-End Finder - finds and ties broken thread on winding machinesBrilliandeer-Lopper – uses a machine to cut and shape diamondsBucket Chucker – operates machine for smoothing inside surface of bucketsCake Stripper – operates a machine used in the cottonseed oil businessCarroter – conditions fur for use in felt hat manufactureChick Sexer – inserts illuminating tool into baby birds to determine genderDebubblizer – operates equipment which removes bubbles from plasticsDolly Pusher – moves camera equipment around scene of TV recording / broadcastEnd Frazer – operates machinery used in manufacturer of stems for smoking pipesFlatcar Whacker – maintains and repairs logging rail carsFur Blower – runs machinery for fumigating and cleaning fursGambreler – hangs animal carcases on hooks ready for preparationGang Knife Fish Chopper – chops fish into pieces for canningGetterer – applies solution to wires in lamp manufactureGrizzly Worker – breaks rock and ore on quarry conveyor belts and chutesHair-Boiler Operator – operates high temperature vats for curling animal hairHand Nailer – assembles wooden boxes, pallets and packing casesHorse Identifier – verifies horses at racetracksJet Wiper – wipes spinnerettes through which strands of rayon are producedLag Screwer – inserts bolts in table legsLast Putter-Away - sorts and stores shoe mouldsLingo Cleaner - cleans metal heddles used in Jacquard loom harnessesMother Repairer – improves metal phonograph record matricesNapper Tender – operates machinery which gives socks a fluffy appearanceNut Steamer – immerses almonds, pecans etc in hot water to soften shellsOdd Bundle Worker – arranges tobacco leaves on conveyor beltOdd Shoe Examiner – examines shoe uppers for defective partsOyster Floater – spreads shellfish in container to keep fresh / remove impuritiesPoultry Offal Icer – shovels ice into chicken waste parts to avoid spoilingQuill Buncher-and-Sorter – arranges feather types for use in dustersRedye Hand – sorts and bags hose and panty hose for redyingRoving Sizer – checks output of woollen carding machinesRug Hooker – operates device to make piles on rugs and carpetsScarf Gluer – joins together plywood panels Sea-Foam-Kiss Maker – makes candy kisses and puts them on wax paper to hardenSki Topper – operates machine that fits plastic strips onto skisSkull Grinder – cleans ear and nose passages of brained pig headsSmash Hand – repairs broken yarns on a loomSmoke Jumper – parachutes in to endangered ares to combat forest firesSnailer – operates machine which polishes and inscribes clocks and watchesSoft Crab Shedder – helps crabs to shed hard shells so they can be sold as soft-shell crabsSulky Driver – takes charge of two-wheel, horse-drawn carriages in racesSumatra Opener – unbales and stacks tobaccoTargeteer – tests accuracy and functionality of weaponsTop Waddy – organises groups of cowpunchers on a range (also known as Top Screw)Trip Follower – posts positions of aircraft on a flight-following board Tubber – tends tumbling machines which clean items to be used as jewelleryUnscrambler – controls movement on food processing conveyor beltsWax-Ball Knock-Out Worker – removes wax forms from insides of new basketballsWhizzer – operates felt-hat drying machineryWinterizer – operates chilling machine for removing stearin from vegetable oils