Thursday, October 19, 2006

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courtesy of Yankees pitcher dies in plane crash Army tops recruit goal by lowering standards, Army Plans Iraq Troops Through 2010 New Danish Muhammad cartoons draw criticism and spark protest Venice\'s vanishing population Water for millions at risk as glaciers melt away African dust may quell hurricanes in Atlantic Couple Sentenced To 18 Months For Having Sex In Mosque High-tech school security is on the rise The Democrats Are Coming!? Web overtakes newspapers in Europe The hitmen who stalk Russia Sanctions = War, not just a \'nut with a nuke\' Syria nixes Assad visit to JerusalemFirst American charged with treason for alleged al-Qaeda ties Is God Green? Disney vet urges elephant vasectomies, Elephants search for dead friend Head Growth In Infancy Linked To Later Intelligence Super-skinny models are super sick French bill on Armenia genocide draws anger These pretty ornaments are quite explosive! UN pulls staff out of Somalia, Islamic Courts Declare Jihad Against Ethiopia The Handwriting Is on the Wall Walnuts better for the heart than olive oil New federal law requires helping evacuate pets in a disaster Soda Thins Bones In Women Ethiopian women are most abused Woman surges to top of China\'s rich list Will birth control be his job? Jolie Scolds West On Refugee Treatment, Jolie donates to $100k to Pearl foundation Lightning exits woman\'s bottom Hefner Prefers Dominoes to Sex Bulgarian archeologists find evidence that ancients did brain surgery Surprise pregnancy may help Vietnamese woman escape firing squad  The TV preferred by four out of five evil geniuses Warning over \'broken up\' internet GooTube: Smart Move or Silly Money 2.0? 101 carat diamond found in China goes on display in Beijing