Monday, December 11, 2006

Tis The Season To Act Stupid

I will be so glad when the holidays are over. Seems we never get done as it starts with Halloween and goes on till New Year's Day. Christmas isn't even here yet and I am already broke from buying tons of Halloween candy.Guess what! Not one single solitary ghost, goblin,or powder puff girl showed up at our house. Seems grown-ups don't want their little spooks getting bad stuff in their candy. Well I don't blame them but just how many times has it been proven that some sadistic butt munch has actually done this?And now to be a store Santa you have so many rules to go by that it's insane. But, where is the rule that states a child has to be potty trained before sitting on Santa's lap Hmmmmm?Or teaching a child basic manners such as, a foot does not belong in Santa's lap(being delicate here).Then there is New Years , in which people celebrate with party hats, horns, confetti, whatever else they can find. I don't see any of those things on the celebration of the birth of our Lord! All we care about is what gift can we give others that will outshine, out cost, any other gift they will receive. Ok maybe stupid isn't the correct word here, but we all have to remember, We have already received the greatest gift of all and that is eternal LOVE!! Merry Christmas- So Sue Me!!! I used the "C" word oh my!!