Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pro Stem-Cell Research

Growers Co-op Support Stem Sell Research.
Cooperatives of medical research and collective gardening growers across the nation are getting on the wagon for promoting the funding of stem sell research. This type of research's ultimate goal is to find more ways to sell stems.According to many medical and recreational marijuana producers, more research is desperately needed on what can be done to improve the viability of adult use of both stems and seeds, and add to their potency in the market place.The grass roots effort is now taking seed coast to coast. According to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law (NORML), newly generated cells are emerging on a daily basis.While approved stem sell seed lines can be acquired from seed banks in many parts of the world, the acquisition of totipotent seeds for research can often be an expensive and dangerous, if not also illegal, quagmire.According to Dr. Azeezee, tops in the field of medical marijuana, "we're only in the embryonic stages of capitalizing on what we've learned about the marijuana genome__ like a major locus on chromosome 18 controls odd XX sex__ we need to convert these stems from totipotent, to pluripotent and then to multipotent and beyond! cannabinoid receptors and the endogenous compounds that act upon them__ let's eat a BLT with eggs!"Once thought only to be an aid or treatment for glaucoma, medical marijuana has blossomed to ward-off, if not cure, most known diseases. With additional support, it may also be useful in treating FOHESCR Syndrome (Fear Of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research).Cloning a new bush may also become a necessary IED on the road to success.