Tuesday, June 19, 2007


How does one say goodbye when
it's not time to go?How does one just stop the feeling when tears begin to flow?How does one keep going on though life seems at an end?It will pass others say, there's happiness round the bend.Seems many lifetimes she has waited for the pain to leave, and still there is this burning mere mortals can't conceive. What may befall on others, seems to pass her by. When will it be her turn when she won't need to cry?
Pity not this foolish girl this is the path she chose. Hearbreak was the shortest route the other path was froze.Will she feel warmth again? Will she feel the sun? Will she feel a loved one's arms when the day is done?Will a fragrance smell as sweet as it did before the day, this foolish girl took a special love and threw it all away.
Is there an answer some where close will she have to search? Will she find true happiness or is this some cruel curse?Will she learn her lesson or fall way back behind? It's when there's so much waiting the thoughts stay in her mind.Once the spirit's broken I am not so sure it will heal.
Love,oh love come back to me,
I have the need to feel. 06/08/07 ~~alilbit~ (c)